Parenting involves keeping children happy and making sure they do the right thing whether they want to or not.

 Usually, it takes its toll on parents and food is a major area where they have to make a tough decision. Children often show great interest in junk more than healthy foods and parents have to decide to let them have their way or help them to eat healthily.

One of the times parents are faced with this task is when the kids have a party. Since they love to impress their friends, they would want to have a say in all the decisions, ranging from clothes, music to food (especially food), which often put parents in a fix. Deciding the menu for your kids’ get together shouldn’t be too hard if you know how to manoeuvre the situation. It’s quite simple: You first need to be aware that children would eat what they see their peers eating. Secondly, you can give them what they love and still make them eat healthily. All you need is creativity. Thirdly, you can modify different types of food to get the desired result. The following are suggestions of eight light foods to prepare for your child’s get together.


Most kids love pizza. It is a popular dish of Italian origin consisting a usually round, flattened base of leavened wheat-based dough topped with cheese, and other various ingredients.

The advantage you have as a parent is that you can modify the ingredients by adding veggies. All you need do is make sure it’s still tasty, and guess what? They are still eating pizza!

Spaghetti and Meatballs










This is a classic!  An Italian dish that is made up of boiled spaghetti and juicy, attractive, tasty meatballs that are simmered in tomato sauce. It’s healthy enough for kids, light, quite appealing and irresistible. You’d have them asking for more!

Chicken and Chips











This dish consists of a piece of fried, roasted or barbecued chicken and French fries or chips. It is a nutritious and delicious food that kids can’t resist. Even more delicious when eaten with sauces and dips like tomato ketchup. It is quite popular in Nigeria and is perfect for kid’s parties.













This is a small triangular pastry of Indian origin, spiced with meat, vegetables, potato mixture, onions etc and fried in vegetable oil. These ingredients can be mixed with similar ingredients or new and creative ingredients to spice it up. Samosa is not only a yummy snack but could pass for a light meal at a party.


















A crepe is a very thin type of pancake made from simple ingredients such as flour, milk or water, eggs, and salt. Crepes are relatively low in fat. As much as fat is needed in the body, too much fat is unhealthy. Some types of fat are not worthy of consumption. Each piece of 10-inch crepe contains about 3g of fat. This makes it safe and healthy for kids. They can be spiced up with strawberries and whipped cream topping.


















Cupcakes are small sweet cakes which may be baked in a small thin paper or aluminium cup and topped with frosting. This is perfect for parties and you can be sure that no one would turn these down. You can make a large variety; from carrot cakes to coconut and strawberry. The frosting can either be buttercream, chocolate, whipped cream, cream cheese and don’t forget the fruit or candy toppings!

Mac and Cheese

This is a simple dish of English origin, that consists of cooked macaroni pasta and cheese sauce. Kids love Pasta especially when served with the right sauce, and cheese is just the treat for Macaroni pasta at your kid’s party.

Chicken Shawarma

This is an Arab dish that is prepared by grilling meat on a spit. The grilled meat is shredded off from the spit and used to make shawarma rolls. It is healthy and safe to eat. You can get really creative with this by first adding lots of vegetables, sausages and a lot more healthy and delicious fillings. Second by making mini or bite-sized versions so they would be handy and easy to eat

When it comes to light foods and kid’s parties, there’s no need to overthink it. There’s a lot of healthy and fun options to explore. Come to think of it, for those who know the right buttons to press, children are not that hard to please. They just need a little pleasing here, and a little prodding there, and you’ll have them eating out of your hands, literally and figuratively.

Be sure to have fun making delightful meals for your kid’s party!

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