10 Steps To Becoming A Chef

Does your reason for cooking go beyond feeding yourself or the family? Do you like experimenting with different ingredients? Have you ever thought of carving out a career from cooking? If all your answers have been yes, then have the potential to become a chef.

Starting a career can be challenging, but if you are thinking about, you can definitely achieve it.

But, you can’t just jump into it. There are steps you need to follow. Here are ten tips that can help you become a successful chef.

Practice, Practice, Practice

















Get accustomed to cooking by practising often. You have to put your passion to work. You need not wait for your first gig before trying your hands on something. Discover new recipes and try your hands at new styles and forms of cooking. Show up every day, do a lot of research, practice and get familiar with all the kitchen utensils and their uses. Consistency is Key.

Study Professional Styles, Techniques and Tools













Now that you know that it’s not just about cooking and eating, you need to go the extra mile. You need to start applying better techniques and following great recipes.

Knife skills, ingredients knowledge, the right chopping procedure are things you need to understand and the skills you need to acquire. Start seeing yourself as a chef (Dress up for it sometimes), purchase new and professional kitchen equipment. put in extra effort and style into the basic meals and quick fixes in your everyday cooking.

Work On Your Speed And Presentation












It’s not enough to know your craft, timing, precision and accuracy is key! Start timing yourself whenever you’re practising. Keep imagining that you have a deadline. Try to be less sloppy, messy or wasteful. Know the right and accurate measure of ingredients for every type and quantity of food. You need to be able to cook a dish, follow a recipe and create something tasty without actually tasting during the cooking process.

Get Creative












There is nothing new except what you add to it to make it new. Create your recipe! Try to spawn new things, think visually, generate new ideas i.e new techniques or skills. Don’t be scared to mess up and try again. You get more creative when you try out things you have never done before. What’s more? You just might discover a recipe or method unique to you.

If At First, You Don’t Succeed… 














There sure will be downtimes. Sometimes you’d feel as though your efforts are not worth it, but it’s during these times you need to stay positive. Be confident even if something goes wrong in the kitchen. Be self-assured that you’ll always bring out the best. That’s why you need to develop your skills. Skills, speed and accuracy boost your confidence.

Learn To Accept Criticism


















There’s always something to learn. It could be from colleagues, veterans or from the internet. You should be willing to listen to the opinion of others, be receptive to new ideas and don’t discard every criticism. Instead, learn the difference between constructive and destructive criticism and choose. Never let opinions define you, but make the best of them.

Never Stop Learning 











Be eager to learn more, be intentional and purposeful in your pursuit of knowledge. Retain a level of enthusiasm that will keep you going for the long term. Don’t be frantic, enjoy yourself in the kitchen.

Learn To Be A Team Player

















No man is an island. You always need people; those who have been in the game before you, those who are on the same journey as you and a host of others. Work with people of like minds. Join a team, work with a group, just rub minds with people who are in the same profession. This helps you to gain experience.

Stay Up To Date











Don’t be static. Be up to date. Be unique, continue to reinvent yourself and your ideas.

Embrace new technology and take advantage of social media.

Don’t join the trend, but make sure you’re trending.

Believe In Yourself











Now that you have mastered the art of cooking and gained experience; fortitude, fearlessness and strength of mind are all you need to get to the top. There are no limits except the ones you set for yourself. Release your inhibitions and reach for the Top!

Gird yourself, cook your way through the dark and scary tunnel. A kitchen user will go into the tunnel, a great chef will appear on the other side. It’s about time now, Get in there and cook something delicious!


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