The Food Of Love: 7 Pasta Dishes To Consider For Valentine’s Dinner

Valentine Is Coming. Where Is Your Menu?

Valentine’s dinner is special. Everything has to be right, from the ambiance to the lighting, the wine selection and even the table setting, but most especially the food.

Valentine’s dinner can’t be your every night meal. It has to be fancy. It has to be restaurant quality. It has to convey luxury, class and love and no meal conveys all these things like pasta.

Spaghetti, Macaroni and co are the key ingredients in many of the world’s most highly craved meals and this Valentine’s, you should be treating your loved ones to a sumptuous pasta dinner.

Continue reading to get introduced to potential Valentine’s day main delicacies.


Cheesy Macaroni With Potatoes and Cabbage [7 Ingredients]

This delicious and spicy recipe is a lot easier to put together than it sounds and it takes roughly half an hour to prepare. As you might have guessed, this meal originates from the home of pasta, Italy and the original recipe utilizes some native Mediterranean spices and cheeses.

However, they can be substituted with easily available local ingredients. You will need just seven ingredients- Golden Penny Macaroni, potatoes, Golden Penny soya oil, salt, black pepper, shredded cabbage and grated cheese.

Boil the Golden Penny pasta as per the directions on the pack, while coating the potatoes in Golden Penny Soya oil after seasoning with salt and pepper. Add the cabbage to your potatoes, then bake in an oven for about 15 minutes.

Add the baked potatoes to the Golden Penny pasta and stir in a pot of hot water until they are properly mixed up.

After that, there’s nothing left to do, but set the table and wait for boo to get home.


Spaghettini With Marinara And Formaggio [8 Ingredients]

With love from Southern Italy comes this fantastic recipe.

This meal is the definition of stressless deliciousness. It is a quick fix, done within 25 to 30 minutes but memorable enough to last in your mind for the entire night and beyond.

The ingredients required are garlic, fresh tomatoes, Golden Penny soya oil, salt, pepper, black pepper and Golden Penny Spaghettini.

Boil your Golden Penny Spaghettini and drain in a sieve or strainer.

Fry your chopped garlic in the Golden Penny soya oil for a few seconds, then crush your juicy tomatoes into the oil and let it cook into a thickened paste.

Season to taste with salt and pepper, drop in a dollop of cheese with a sprinkle of black pepper and stir. When it simmers for about 10 minutes, pour your Golden Penny spaghettini in and toss.

Dinner is served!


Creamy Macaroni with Chicken and Onion Scallions [9 Ingredients]

Trade spiciness for creaminess this Valentine’s with this delicious recipe. Not only does it taste delicious, it’ is also super nutritious.

Cooking takes about 25 minutes and the ingredients include Golden Penny spaghetti, Golden Penny Spread, thinly sliced greens, shredded chicken, scallions, lemon juice, salt, black pepper, and heavy cream.

Boil the Golden Penny spaghetti and melt the Golden Penny spread in a frying pan over medium heat. Add the scallions, salt, pepper to the frying pan and cook until tender.

Next add the cream and lemon juice, leave for 8 minutes and allow to get thickened. Include the chicken in the mixture and cook for 2 minutes.

Finally, add the chicken mixture into the Golden Penny spaghetti, and some more lemon juice and toss together.

Voila! Your delicious Val’s dinner is ready to be served.


Spaghetti Con Le Acciughe [5 Ingredients]

Acciughe is Italian for anchovy and those tasty little fishes are the key ingredient behind this delicious meal.

Start by cooking the Golden Penny spaghetti in salted water for 5 minutes.

Heat the Golden Penny soya oil in another pan on medium heat; add chopped anchovies and mash them until they are dissolved into the Golden Penny oil. Add crushed red pepper, reduce the heat and cook for another two minutes.

Drain the Golden Penny spaghetti and dress it with the anchovy sauce.

Garnish with twirls of carrots for that delicious appeal.

Note: that you can replace anchovies with sardines if they are not available.


Vegetable Macaroni With Cheese [8 Ingreients]

Go healthy this Valentine’s day with this nutritious and delicious 15-minute fix.

You only need spring onions, olive oil, garlic, broccoli, sweet corn, capsicum slices, cucumber slices, and cooked Golden Penny Macaroni.

So, heat up your oil in a deep nonstick pan, add spring onions and garlic, saute for 4-5 minutes.

Add the broccoli, sweet corn, capsicum, cucumber slices, corn, salt and pepper, toss properly and saute for another 2-3 minutes.

Add the Golden Penny macaroni and toss gently. Serve hot garnished with cheese and lots of LOVE!

It’s good to go as a side to your main dish or as a dessert.


Macaroni with Sun-dried Tomatoes [9 Ingredients]

This Valentine’s all you need are nine ingredients to make one meal that will create a lifetime of memories.

Your ingredients are Golden Penny macaroni, sun-dried tomatoes, pepper, seasoning cubes, roasted almonds, thyme, Golden Penny soya oil and salt.

Start out by boiling the Golden Penny macaroni. Strain and return it to the pot. Place all other ingredients in a food processor except the Golden Penny soya oil, thyme and almonds.

While the machine is still running, add some soya oil to its content. Stir the mixture together with your pasta while adding your thyme and almonds.

Your love will love it.


Spaghetti Beef Bolognese Sauce [9 Ingredients]


We have to hand it to the Italians for giving us sumptuous ways to enjoy the simplest meals.

This meat-full sauce specifically originates from the municipality of Bologna and it is perfect for Val’s night with bae, especially if they’re a meat lover.

You can make it in a few simple steps in half an hour with ingredients you can buy at your local market or supermarket: onions, garlic, fresh or dried herbs of your choice, salt, pepper, tomato paste, ground or mashed beef, Golden Penny spaghetti and Golden Penny Pure Soya Oil.

Fry your onions, garlic, and herbs in Golden Penny Soya Oil for a few minutes. Add the mashed beef and fry till cooked then add in your tomato paste and seasoning. After it simmers for 10 minutes, serve with Golden Penny spaghetti, and watch bae empty the content of the plate!

We wish you a delicious and memorable Valentine’s day this year. Have a great one.




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