Item Number 7: 7 Recipes That Should Be On Your August Meeting Menu.

Where two or three Nigerian women are gathered, delicious magic happens and that is definitely true of the August Meeting.

The August Meeting, also known as the Mothers’ Congress is an annual gathering of Igbo women. Women travel from the city and even from the diaspora back to their hometowns to talk about the issues facing their communities and ideate on the ways forward.

All that community service can work up an appetite and if you’ve ever been to the East or been hosted by an Igbo family, then you know how they get down in the kitchen. Igboland is home to some of Nigeria’s most delicious traditional dishes and their progressive food culture is constantly churning out delicious new takes on the old favourites.

If you or someone you know is putting together an August Meeting menu, then keep reading to find out our delicious recommendations.

Oha Soup And Swallow

Named after the leaves it is made from, Oha Soup occupies a distinguished a position in Igbo cuisine.

Coveted for its deliciousness as well as its multiple health benefits, Oha Soup is enjoyed in thousands of Igbo homes daily as well as being an ever-present at Igbo events

Equally delicious when prepared with meat or fish, you can “make it busy” with chunks of stock fish or ponmo.

Your guests will definitely enjoy it with their Eba or Semo.

Isi Ewu Noodles

Some combos are unusually good and Isi Ewu Noodles is one of them.

Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by this delicious and light, yet filling meal.

Cook your Noodles as you would normally would, with the exception of adding the already made isiewu five minutes before it is ready.

For extra crunchiness, you can slice in some carrots or cucumbers.

Garden Eggs And Ose Oji

Ose Oji is Igbo for peanut butter and it is the perfect dip for Garden eggs.

Garden eggs and ose oji is a popular snack in the East and it is not difficult to find a hawker or a roadside seller to buy some from.

But, ose oji is actually very easy to make and if you’re going to make some this August meeting, make sure to add a little Golden Penny Soya Oil for extra flavour.


Akara could be served as an appetizer, a main course or a dessert.

It could simply keep your guests’ mouths busy or it could fill their bellies.

Akara can say “welcome” as easily as it can say “thanks for coming”.

You should also make available delicious pairings for your akara like bread, akamu and Golden Penny garri.

Native Pasta

Native Pasta is an experiment gone right. It combines local ingredients like palm oil, scent leaves and locust beans with an adopted favourite, Golden Penny Spaghetti.

As an added advantage, it doesn’t take long to prepare- about fifteen to twenty minutes.

As much as Native Pasta makes sense, it is a not a common delicacy and the majority of your guests will be pleasantly surprised by it.

Swallow With Ofe Nsala Soup

Ofe Nsala, also known as White Soup is usually reserved for special occasions. Your guests will come with the expectation of being served some Ofe Nsala, so have a hot pot ready.

The fact that it is recommended to new and nursing mothers makes it particularly fitting on your August Meeting menu.

Alongside your Oha, have an assortment of Golden Penny swallow options available for your guests to choose from.

Golden Penny Goat Meat Pepper Soup Noodles

A little bit of the old and a little of bit of the new combined to create a whole lot of deliciousness.

Golden Penny’s newest Noodle variant combines the classic taste of Goat Meat with the speed and convenience of Instant Noodles.

You can enjoy it with your favourite sauce/stew, Jollof style or paired it with vegetable soup.

If you’re travelling for the August Meeting this month, we wish you a safe journey home and a delicious time.

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