Golden Penny Pasta will be rewarding various consumers with 50,000 Naira cash and various prizes from 31st August 2022 – 16th October 2022.

To be a part of it, all you have to do is follow the instructions below.

How to participate

1) Visit any of the stores listed below from Friday to Sunday and buy 2 packs of 400g Golden Penny Midi  Pasta.
2) Obtain a scratch card that qualifies you for an instant reward and raffle draw of 50,000 Naira weekly.
3) Scratch to reveal the code.
4) To view the announcements of the winners, follow Golden Penny Pasta on Facebook and @GPennyPasta Instagram.
5) Winners will be announced on Thursdays.

Kindly see the list of stores below.


REGIONOUTLETSLocationStart DateClose DateActive days, Weekly
LAGOSJustrite Abule EgbaAbule Egba bustop abeokuta express way02.09.202225.09.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LAGOSSpar Adeola OdekuAdeola odeku VI Lagos02.09.202225.09.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LAGOSSpar IlupejuIlupeju02.09.202225.09.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LAGOSJustrite IsoloIsolo road02.09.202225.09.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LAGOSSpar LekkiIkate Lekki Lagos02.09.202225.09.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LAGOSSupersaverOkota02.09.202225.09.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LAGOSJendol SupermarketAbule Egba bustop abeokuta express way02.09.202225.09.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LAGOSJendol SupermarketIgando road02.09.202225.09.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LAGOSShoprite Ikeja city mallIkeja city mall Alausa Ikeja Lagos16.09.202209.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LAGOSShoprite Palms LekkiPalms shopping mall Lekki16.09.202209.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday



REGIONOUTLETSLocationStart DateClose DateActive days, Weekly
IBADANFoodco IbadanRing road Ibadan09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
IBADANFoodcoJericho09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
IBADANShoprite ring road ibadanRing road Ibadan16.09.202209.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday



REGIONOUTLETSLocationStart DateClose DateActive days, Weekly
ABEOKUTAJustrite AbeokutaIjeja Abeokuta09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
ABEOKUTAFoodco AbeokutaAkinolugbade social events center, ita iyalode owu Abeokuta09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Delta and Edo

REGIONOUTLETSLocationStart DateClose DateActive days, Weekly
DELTAShopriteAsaba16.09.202209.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
EDOMarket SquareBenin09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Enugu, Imo and Portharcourt

REGIONOUTLETSLocationStart DateClose DateActive days, Weekly
ENUGURobanEnugu09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
IMOSave More SupermarkOrji Road09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
PORT HARCOURTSpar Porthacourt MallAzikiwe Road09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
PORT HARCOURTMarket SquareOdili Road09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
PORT HARCOURTEveryday Supermarket Emporium 2G.R.A Phase II09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
PORT HARCOURTNext Cash And CarryOginigba Road09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday


REGIONOUTLETSLocationStart DateClose DateActive days, Weekly
ABUJAHmedix Store4th Avenue09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
ABUJASahadArea 1109.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
ABUJAHmedix StoreAdemola adetokunbo street09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
ABUJASahadCentral Area09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
ABUJAHmedixLagos street09.09.202202.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
ABUJAShoperite GatewayLugbe16.09.202209.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday
ABUJAShoperite JabiJabi lake16.09.202209.10.2022Friday, Saturday, Sunday


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