Egusi Soup Paired With Golden Penny Semovita

Egusi Soup Paired With Golden Penny Semovita

Some things just naturally go together- yellow and blue, blouses and skirts, music and dance to name a few. Another combination you can put into the category of things that go super well together is Semovita and Egusi. Semo and Egusi is a Naija classic and when prepared the right way, it is not hard to tell why.


1/2 kg Cat fish cleaned
10 Stock fish ear
2 cups Sliced uziza leaves
1 Ball Pack Coco yam as thickener
Palm oil
1/2 Bulb onion
3 cubes Seasoning
3 cups Periwinkles without shell cleaned
2 Cups Clam without shell cleaned
2 tbsp Blended crayfish
Fresh pepper
3 Cups Fresh prawns


  1. Clean your cat fish and wash off the slimy exterior
  2. Put stock fish into a pot. Add blended fresh peppers and pour into stock fish
  3. Dice onions into the pot, add salt and seasoning
  4. Allow to steam until stock fish is tender
  5. Add catfish, palm oil and crayfish, cocoyam which is you thicken base, stir gently; and add a little water, allow it cook for about 8 minutes
  6. Add prawns, clams, mussels, periwinkles and stir gently – keep the cooking pot open
  7. Cook seafood for roughly 10 minutes
  8. Add uziza leaf, cover pot and turn off heat; allow the steam cook the uziza leaf
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