Miyan Gyada and Golden Penny Masavita Recipe

Miyan Gyada and Golden Penny Masavita Recipe

Miyan Gyada soup is a popular soup in the Northern part of Nigeria. It is made with groundnut and garden egg. This savoury soup goes well with Golden Penny Masavita. Masavita is also popular in the northern part of Nigeria



4 pieces Garden Eggs or Aubergine
1 pack Golden Penny Masavita
1/4 cup Fresh Pepper (chopped)
200 grams Assorted Meat
1  tablespoon Dadawa (locust beans iru or ogiri isi)
1 cup Gyada (raw or roasted groundnut)
2 tablespoons Crayfish
1 Smoked Fish
1 handful Smoked Red Prawns
1 large Onion
3 tablespoons tsamiya (tamarind, awin, icheku)
1 handful Yakuwa leaves (ishapa, english sorrel, white zobo) or Ugu or spinach
2 cooking spoons Palm oil
2 cubes Seasoning cubes (used to season only meat)
1 teaspoon Salt (used to season only meat)



  1. Wash the meat and smoked fish. Season them with onions, salt and seasoning cubes. Leave to cook.
  2. If the groundnuts are raw, roast for a few minutes in a dry pan, till the skin crisps up. Don’t peel up the groundnut skin.
  3. Blend the groundnuts with a dry mill till turns into a smooth powder. Mix the powder with a little water to form a thick paste.
  4. Remove the stalk of the garden eggs and blend till smooth. If it’s purple aubergines instead, peel off the skin but if it’s white aubergines, leave the skin on.
  5. Rinse and chop the Yakuwa leaves (sorrel).
  6. Tear off a chunk of the tsamiya. Place in a pot with a few tablespoons of water or place it in a bowl, pour hot water on it. When it softens, mash into a thick paste. Then sieve out the stem.
  7. In another pot, heat up palm oil, add chopped onions and let it fry a bit.
  8. Add the variety of smoked fish which you cooked with the meats, add red prawns. Leave it to fry in the oil on low heat, so they can release some of their flavours into the palm oil.
  9. Add the groundnut paste and fresh pepper. Stir and allow to fry for about a minute
  10. Add the meats and stock. Reduce the heat to medium to allow the groundnut to cook slowly, and the meats too to absorb the groundnut and to prevent it from burning.
  11. Once you start to notice bubbles forming, add the dadawa (iru, ogiri isi) and stir. Give it roughly 2 minutes, it is important that you ensure that you can taste the flavour of the dadawa in the soup. Add more dadawa, if you wish.
  12. With the dadawa flavour coming off, pour in the garden egg paste. Stir.
  13. Add the crayfish, stir and reduce heat.
  14. Once the soup has thickened add the chopped Yakuwa and stir.
  15. Add tsamiya, stir, and cover the pot. Still, on low heat, let all those flavours combine. If you need to add more water, add more meat stock or hot water. Allow it to cook for about 3 minutes or more.
  16. Stir and turn off the heat.

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